Monday, February 18, 2008


Jeremy is taking me to Sedona, Arizona tomorrow. Our new home for the next two days will be at a quaint bed and breakfast with a fireplace and gourmet treats. Sedona is suppossed to be one of the most relaxing places in the good ole US of A. We need a break from the worship guide stuffing, printer catastrophes, scheduling difficulties, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Some fresh air is going to do us some good. I can't wait.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hula Ho

Before I start this blog, please know that I am not calling anyone a garden tool. I am literally refering to a garden tool; the most amazing garden tool on the face of this weed stricken ball we live on. Allow me to back up a bit...

I received a letter in the mail from my landlord. Assuming that it wasn't a greeting card or last month's rent reimbursed to me, I reluctantly opened the white envelope. My suspicions were correct about the rent; it was a - and I quote - "Friendly Letter" from the Home Owners Assosication in our neighborhood, Finley Farms. Let me first say that Jeremy and I have been extremely busy with church, work, the flu, and rearranging our sock drawers. The letter stated in a very P.C. way that we needed to clean up our yard or else. I will admit that our tree looked like one giant bush, our Arizona rock yard was green with weeds, and our broken water hose had been sunbathing for quite some time. The outside had just not been a priority. (obviously)

So, I strap on my Nike's, put tiny plastic picking up poop bags on both my hands and dig right in. In case you don't already know this, trying to dig up weeds in rocks is not the easiest of challenges. One of my neighbors walks by, stands there, stares at me, and professes, "So, you got your letter from the HOA, huh?" Now that's sad when the neighbor notices how embarassingly bad your yard is that he knows the HOA sent you a piece of mail about the issue. But then, the most rejoiceful event took place, he introduced me to the Hula Ho. It's a simple looking machine, really. One long, wooden handle with a hollow square attached at the end. All you have to do is slide that puppy across the white rocks and presto! The weeds pop up before your very eyes! It's brilliant! A whole lot easier than hand picking 10, 568 weeds.

I went the whole 9 yards that night baby. I trimmed the trees, swept the front porch, bought a new unmolded, green welcome mat that states, 'Welcome' in cursive with black swirlies to the left of the bold letters. Gotta love Target. I even bought myself some purdy workin' gloves. After about the tenth cut from the sharp rock that the poopie baggies did not prevent, I decided to splurge with some real life gardening gloves. That is an investment that my hands thanked me for later. Hopefully, the HOA will show mercy and forgive us for our thumbs not being green.

Well, that's my Hula Ho story...and believe me...I'm stickin' to it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I have a very profound discovery to share with all of you today. Early this morning I decided that Miley Cyrus and I would undoubtedly be best friends. I have been toying with this notion ever since I saw 'Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour' at the Quarry Movie Theater in San Anton. As I professed my breaking news to my husband, he smirked and asked what had happened to Kelly Clarkson. You see, up until I saw the Tennessee phenomenon, Kelly was my #1 girl. I thoroughly explained to him that she never calls or writes, so I was moving on to greener pastures. Move over Kell - there's a new BFF in town. Now, I know that Miley is only 15 years old, but it would be like a big sis little sis kind of relationship between the two of us. She would come to me with all of her heart breaks and I would let her know when she is singing off key and politely show her the correct tone and pitch. We would be a hit...i can see the headlines now...'Miley and Jamie: Best of Both Friends Concert Tour'.

Ok, ok, enough goofing around. The real story is that my mom in law, sisters, nieces, and I went to the concert at the movies. It rocked! We had the time of our lives! By we I mean me, Sarah, Amanda, and Mom. The girls were tired from staying up to midnight with their responsible Aunt Jamie. We all fell head over heals for Miley. In fact, I say, "Miley Cyrus for President." Then, because I am her new bf, I can be vice-president. Wow, I'm getting way off track here. Sorry.

Ok, so recap of blog: Miley and Jamie Best Friends Forever out Hilary...there's a new girl on the ballot.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hello World

Well hello world. It's me, Jamie. I decided to dive into this cyberland of words, quotes, and sayings without turning back. I know it's going to be a bit scary at times, but I can handle a little bit of terror. The thought of sending out my meaningless typings into the darkness of the world wide web sends chills up my spine. Feelings, fears, likes, loves, facts, ready for me? We shall see. I am here and I am a blogger.