Wednesday, November 5, 2008

28 Weeks

My beautiful baby girl! Here she is at 28 weeks...just growing!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm Getting Bigger!

Here I am six months! 24 weeks down.....she's coming! Today one of the youth at our church came over to put together Ella's crib and changing table. When we opened up the crib, there was a broken piece. The company was great, though. They are mailing us a brand new piece this week! He put the changing table together and it is adorable! Jeremy even acted out changing the baby...he's going to be an amazing dad!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Miss Ella

This blog may be better entitled 'The Ella Blog' from now on. She is all I think about! Poor Lilo...I'm afraid she's about to have a rude awakening come January 22nd, 2009. (as she lays in lap right now while I'm typing)

When we found out she was a girl, Jeremy wanted to do something special. We didn't tell anyone at church what we were having yet. Which was hard because EVERYONE knew we were going to have the sonogram! The Sunday after we found out, Jeremy bought some letters and ironed 'It's a Girl' onto his under shirt. Then, we did the big revealing! He played it up, unbuttoned his shirt, and showed the church that it was a girl! Everyone cheered! I was super impressed because he thought of this all on his own...very special.

This is me and Jenni before we went to Babies R Us to register! We had so much fun picking everything out. It was VERY hard to not go all girly...but I was smart and all the big items I registered for (high chair, stroller, car seat, pack n play) could be for either a girl or boy. But, trust me, everything else is going to be big bows, leopard print, and pink!

My sis in law made fun of me because I ordered a crib and changing table that is pink shabby chic. My reasoning for getting these lovely items was that the crib changes into a toddler bed and the changing table can be used to hold baskets of toys later. :)

Is this just not the cutest outfit you've ever seen!?!

Here is AZ shower invitation...only a few more weeks!

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Nephew

Amanda had Gavin Avery Patterson on Jeremy's birthday! How cool! He is so precious and he looks like Jeremy...freaky. I can't wait to go see him! Here are some pics of him.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Here is Ella at 9 weeks.

Here she is again at 21 weeks...already precious!

Her Daddy is already spoiling her with gifts! Jeremy chose this bib and pink poodle for her first gifts.

Here I am at 21 weeks after we found out that she's a girl!!! Of course we had to wait 30 minutes in the waiting room last Wednesday before the sonogram. The anticipation was killing me! Then, we went into the room, she told us that she was going to do all the measurements first! I wanted to scream!!! She is healthy, growing, and perfect! I can't believe how much I already love her. I also can't believe how Jeremy is already so protective of her. I love it. I'm really enjoying being pregnant now. The first trimester was absolutely horrible. She is moving and kicking so much. One time she gave me a good one,two punch to the gut. :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Class of 2008

This is my brother, John. He is 5 years younger than me. He graduated from college last week. He's going to be a math teacher. Both of my parents are teachers and I have been a teacher. I guess it runs in the family. I am so proud of him. You go John!

My mom, my Aunt Jan, my Grammy, and me all waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin!

A pic of the fam.

John with both of our grandmother's; Nana and Grammy.

This is us with our dad and grandfather, Gandy. We had so much fun together at his graduation!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trucks, Army Men, and Blue

Amanda is having a baby boy!!!!! She just found out today! Gavin Avery Patterson will be here around September 25th. I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Little Ones I Love

My precious nieces and nephews. I love them too much. Jeremy has two younger sisters and these are their children. Amanda is pregnant with her second and finding out what she is having tomorrow! I can hardly wait! Enjoy these pics...

This is Kyle. Sarah's youngest.

Kenley, Cade, and Kyle all give each other an Easter hug!

Trinity and Kenley...sweet cousins!

I love this pic of Trinity. Such a serious soccer girl. :) Amanda said she was scared half to death at her first game! She wouldn't go out on the field!

Too cute!

The two princesses.

LOL! Cade posing as Batman.

A recent pic of Kyle. I can't believe he is already 4 months old.

Kenley in her Easter dress.

Go Trinity!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weary Travelers

Whew...what a week! We were in six states this past week. Now, some of the states we were only there for brief moment, and in an airplane, but still...six states. Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, California, and back to Arizona. Our first stop was Houston, TX where we had a two hour lay over. Then, we were off to Birmingham, AL for the annual ARC conference. Mike was with us and we met up with Joey. It was motivating, inspiring, and life changing. I'm so glad we went. I feel recharged and energized. We saw some of our dear friends and listened to amazing speakers while we were there.

After that we hopped on a plane that went to Nashville, TN. Hopped off that plane and got on another one which went to Chicago, IL (I really want to go back there), then took off from there and landed in San Jose, CA at 10pm that night. We stayed in San Jose that night, then rented a mini van to gather up some donated church equipment. We drove from San Jose to the Fresno area (about 4 hours) and got some speakers, wedges, light thingamajig, snake (not a real one...the wire thing), and a lot of other techy stuff. We packed it all up and drove to Barstow, CA (another four hours) for the evening where we made camp. The next day (Friday) we drove it on home to Gilbert (about six hours). Here are some pics from our week...

This is Selina. She and Ryan, her hubby, are planting a church in Chattanooga, TN next January. We have really gotten close them. They are pregnant and due July 2nd. (My momma's bday) They are having a boy, Gannon!

This lovely couple is our sponsoring church for ARC! Peter and Carolyn are amazing! We love them so much and are so thankful for them. We went and visited their church, Substance Church in Minnesota, last September. We had an instant connection with them. They really keep us motivated!

Jeremy got us a fabulous deal through Hotwire at the Sheraton in Birmingham! I think he was a little excited when we crossed over the sky link into the grand hotel! Good job Babe!

Here are my boys on their laptops at the airport. What dorks.

The yellow sign in the background is the focus of this picture. Isn't that sad?

Ok, last August when we went through the ARC assessment these are the three others couples that made it out alive!!! We have a really cool bond with them. We have all been through the process of ARC together and are launching churches together across the country. It was like a family reunion! The couple next to me and Jeremy is Shane and Rachel who started Freedom Church in Indiana two months ago. Next to them are Dan and Stephanie who started a church in New Jersey a month ago. Then, Ryan and Selina will launch The Net Church in TN next January. Very cool.


I call this my Panera Bread masterpiece.

One of the many mountain ranges we drove through in California.

Another one.

Say it with me now...Awwwww

Workin' hard for the money.

I'm trying to get more artsy with my photos...don't really know if I accomplished that here...but, I'm trying.

When we were on our excursion through Cali, we came across hundreds of these giant propeller thingys. Don't know what they are or what they do, but they sure were interesting!

They were everywhere for about a mile on either side of the highway!

For a second I thought we had hit warp speed and were on another planet.