Monday, April 6, 2009

Visit from Sarah, Kenley, and Kyle

This is how we found Kyle one night...wild sleeper!

This is the flower clip that Kenley made for Ella!!! Too precious!

I wanted to get a good picture of the three kiddos. They had a different this one Kyle wanted to hug Ella! I love how all you can see is her gigantic flower poking up!

Kenley got in trouble in this pic for laying down with Ella! Kyle is showing us his best disco move. :)

This is the best one from the photo session. :)

At the park...


Kenley and Jeremy's acrobatics


Sleepin' at Freestone Park

Sweet Kyle

Ella is mesmerized by her hands right now.

Ella just loved Kyle and Kenley. She lit up whenever she saw them.

Fun day at the park!


Feedin' the ducks!

Sweet cousins :)

I love this one!

We had so much! It was so nice for Sarah, Kenley, and Kyle to be here. We missed Lance and Cade, but we'll see them soon. Ella LOVES her Aunt and cousins. She is named after her Aunt Sarah Nichole. Sarah taught me how to cook healthy while she was here. I learned that you can have vegetables for lunch. :)