Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm Getting Bigger!

Here I am six months! 24 weeks down.....she's coming! Today one of the youth at our church came over to put together Ella's crib and changing table. When we opened up the crib, there was a broken piece. The company was great, though. They are mailing us a brand new piece this week! He put the changing table together and it is adorable! Jeremy even acted out changing the baby...he's going to be an amazing dad!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Miss Ella

This blog may be better entitled 'The Ella Blog' from now on. She is all I think about! Poor Lilo...I'm afraid she's about to have a rude awakening come January 22nd, 2009. (as she lays in lap right now while I'm typing)

When we found out she was a girl, Jeremy wanted to do something special. We didn't tell anyone at church what we were having yet. Which was hard because EVERYONE knew we were going to have the sonogram! The Sunday after we found out, Jeremy bought some letters and ironed 'It's a Girl' onto his under shirt. Then, we did the big revealing! He played it up, unbuttoned his shirt, and showed the church that it was a girl! Everyone cheered! I was super impressed because he thought of this all on his own...very special.

This is me and Jenni before we went to Babies R Us to register! We had so much fun picking everything out. It was VERY hard to not go all girly...but I was smart and all the big items I registered for (high chair, stroller, car seat, pack n play) could be for either a girl or boy. But, trust me, everything else is going to be big bows, leopard print, and pink!

My sis in law made fun of me because I ordered a crib and changing table that is pink shabby chic. My reasoning for getting these lovely items was that the crib changes into a toddler bed and the changing table can be used to hold baskets of toys later. :)

Is this just not the cutest outfit you've ever seen!?!

Here is AZ shower invitation...only a few more weeks!