Monday, September 22, 2008

New Nephew

Amanda had Gavin Avery Patterson on Jeremy's birthday! How cool! He is so precious and he looks like Jeremy...freaky. I can't wait to go see him! Here are some pics of him.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Here is Ella at 9 weeks.

Here she is again at 21 weeks...already precious!

Her Daddy is already spoiling her with gifts! Jeremy chose this bib and pink poodle for her first gifts.

Here I am at 21 weeks after we found out that she's a girl!!! Of course we had to wait 30 minutes in the waiting room last Wednesday before the sonogram. The anticipation was killing me! Then, we went into the room, she told us that she was going to do all the measurements first! I wanted to scream!!! She is healthy, growing, and perfect! I can't believe how much I already love her. I also can't believe how Jeremy is already so protective of her. I love it. I'm really enjoying being pregnant now. The first trimester was absolutely horrible. She is moving and kicking so much. One time she gave me a good one,two punch to the gut. :)